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fitness yoga classes

Enhance your fitness journey with personalized yoga classes designed to align with your unique fitness goals. Embark on a transformative partnership to help you achieve the results you desire.

vinyasa yoga classes

Yoga classes MADE for you. Take that time to give your body what it needs. In a flowing Vinyasa class, we link our movement with our breath, allowing us to step out of the thinking mind, surrender to the present moment and FLOW.

yoga & meditation

If you're looking for that calmness and balance in your life, we will build a class around that! Focusing on meaningful movements and deep breath.

About chana

Welcome to Asana Yoga by Chana! I'm Chana, a yoga instructor dedicated to helping people experience the power of yoga. Yoga has been my anchor through tough times, guiding me towards healing and a deep understanding that things will get better. Asana means pose, whether it's flowing through vinyasa or embracing the stillness of yin yoga, every posture holds a journey—a beginning, middle, and end. Life's challenges can take a toll on our bodies, but I've found that yoga keeps us present, hopeful, and carries the awareness that things will pass.

My mission is to share the incredible power of yoga with women, spreading awareness of its transformative benefits. Join me on this journey as we create an inclusive space to explore how yoga can transform your life. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, let's work together to create a meaningful practice for you.

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